Silkworm Gene Resources Database


Silkworm gene resource DB has been developed by National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS) and is provided with features including variety search, race search, characterization viewer, photo gallery and general information. The database comprises of characterization data of 321 silkworm varieties from different locations (Korea, China, Japan, Europe, tropical region and non- classified group) and 1132 images of silkworm varieties of various developmental stages. Information of silkworm races such as univoltine, bivoltine, multivoltine and others can be retrieved from this database.

This database is available at


Kim, C., Kim, K., Park, D., Seol, Y., Hahn, J., Park, S., & Kang, P. (2010). An integrated database for the enhanced identification of silkworm gene resources. Bioinformation, 4(10), 436.