SilkTransDB: Silkworm Transcriptome Database

SilkTransDB is the first web-based database developed at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China comprising of transcriptome data of B. mori at various developmental stages generated through high throughput RNA-Seq technology. This database includes information on 3.3 gigabases (Gb) reads that covers around 7-fold of B. mori genome and protein-coding genes covering 81.3% of all the predicted genes in SilkDB. Around 5500 novel transcripts have been found out emphasizing the functional complexity of B. mori transcriptome. The transcriptome data is integrated with genome annotated data from SilkDB for better annotation and dataanalysis using GBrowser (Li et al 2012).

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Li, Y., Wang, G., Tian, J., Liu, H., Yang, H., Yi, Y., … & Zhang, Z. (2012). Transcriptome analysis of the silkworm (Bombyx mori) by high-throughput RNA sequencing. PloS one, 7(8), e43713.