SilkSatDB: Silkworm Microsatellite Database

SilkSatDB is the first comprehensive database that includes data on microsatellites as well as microsatellite-based genetic markers extracted from whole genome sequence (WGS) and ESTs of B. mori. The information includes mutations, allelic frequencies, polymorphism, evolutionary conservation of microsatellites, extraction protocols, primers, methodology for inter simple sequence repeats (ISSRs)-based genotypic analyses. In addition, it has various analyses tools like simple sequence repeat finder (SSRF) to extract, identify and classify microsatellites, “Autoprimer” for primer designing and a search engine to search data within four categories (WGS, EST, Genebank, genomic library) (Prasad et al 2005). SilkSatDB has been developed at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad, India and is publicly accessible at


Prasad, M. D., Muthulakshmi, M., Arunkumar, K. P., Madhu, M., Sreenu, V. B., Pavithra, V., … & Nagaraju, J. (2005). SilkSatDb: a microsatellite database of the silkworm, Bombyxmori. Nucleic acids research, 33(suppl 1), D403-D406.