SilkDB: Silkworm Knowledgebase

SilkDB was the first integrated database of B. mori that deals with comprehensive

genomic as well as biological data like genome assembly, annotation, chromosomal maps,

orthologous groups in the form of genes, cDNAs, ESTs, microarray data etc. (Wang et al 2005).

It comprises of 16425 EST clusters from various tissues of B. mori, 554 genes of other

Lepidopteran insects and 521 B. mori homologs of other Lepidopteran genes. It also provides

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) identified from the B. mori EST sequences. Currently it

is available as version SilkDB V2.0 (2009) with upgraded genome coverage (~432 Mb), gene

annotation and expression data (Duan et al 2009). It has various user friendly data analysis tools

like BLAST, Clustal W, Wego, SilkMap etc.

For more details, please visit SilkDB URL-

Ref: Wang, J., Xia, Q., He, X., Dai, M., Ruan, J., Chen, J., … & Yu, J. (2005). SilkDB: a

knowledgebase for silkworm biology and genomics. Nucleic Acids Research, 33(suppl 1), D399-D402.

Duan, J., Li, R., Cheng, D., Fan, W., Zha, X., Cheng, T., … & Xia, Q. (2009). SilkDB v2. 0: a

platform for silkworm (Bombyx mori) genome biology. Nucleic acids research, gkp801.