Quercus portal

Quercus portal (URL: https://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/QuercusPortal/index.php?p=fmap) is a web portal on Quercus. It is an integrated data resource which combines genomic, genetic, biological, taxonomical, evolutionary data on Quercus species. It comprises of several databases interlinked with each other.

Other web-resources

Several web-resources and datasets under Evoltree project (European Union) provide various biological information on terrestrial forest ecosystem such as-

Quercus Map DB: QuercusMap database provides phenotypic and genotypic data on oak (URL- http://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/CartoChene/index.php). It is also directly linked with CMap (URL- http://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/cgi-bin/cmap/)

Quercus EST database for gene expression studies. (https://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/QuercusPortal/index.php?p=est )

TreePop oak database for phenotype & genotype information on oak trees (http://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/TreePop/)

SSR database has microsatellite (http://ssrdatabase.pierroton.inra.fr/login/login)

SNP database contains SNP data in oak. (http://www.evoltree.eu/index.php/e-recources/databases/snp).

(GD)²-Georeferenced Database of Genetic Diversity (https://gd2.pierroton.inra.fr/gd2/login/login).

Oak provenance (http://w3.pierroton.inra.fr:8006/materials)

Candidate genes database (http://www.evoltree.eu/index.php/e-recources/databases/candidate-genes)

FossilMap database (http://w3.pierroton.inra.fr/fossile/index.php)