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The publication of SeriPort is now available at-

Singh D, Chetia H, Kabiraj D, Sharma S, Kumar A, Sharma P, Deka M, Bora U (2016) A comprehensive view of the web-resources related to sericulture. Database (Oxford), 2016, baw086. doi: 10.1093/database/baw086.
Information Updated in SeriPort:

1. Silkworm Databases: InsectBase

2. Combined Databases (Others): DISCOVER LIFE, Bill’s Lepidoptera Photos, Butterflies & Moths, Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) northwestern Costa Rica

3. Combined Databases: SILKS (Sericulture Information Linkages and Knowledge System)

4. An additional feature “Sericulture Industry”  has been incorporated in SeriPort which comprises a list of Organization/ Companies involved in this sericulture area.

Latest updates (01.07.2016)

  1. Combined Databases: Universal Chalcidoidea Database, Catalogue of Life: 27th June 2016
  2. Silkworm Databases: Insect Proteome Database, Silkworm