miRNEST- an integrative micro RNA resource

miRNEST is a user-friendly micro RNA database that hosts miRNA candidates, their structure and targets. miRNA sequences of silkworms (B. mori, S. cynthia), plants (R. communis, P. americana, C. papaya, M. esculenta, J. curcas, Q. robur) and analysis tools such as BLASTn and CLUSTAL W are offered in this database. miRNEST is available in various versions like v1.0, v2.0.

The detailed information can be accessed through URL http://mirnest.amu.edu.pl and http://lemur.amu.edu.pl/share/php/mirnest_1.0.


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  • Szcześniak, M. W., & Makałowska, I. (2014). miRNEST 2.0: a database of plant and animal microRNAs. Nucleic acids research, 42(D1), D74-D77.