Kaiko2DDB houses proteomic profile (2D gel-electrophoresis and Mass spectrometry data) of various tissues (midgut, malpighian tubules, ovary, middle silk gland, posterior silk gland, fat bodies and hemolymph) of B. mori. It allows users to search the data by several options like accession number, spot id/serial number, description ID or gene name, author, identification methods and pI/Mw range.

For more details, please visit URL- KAIKO Proteome Database (http://kaiko2ddb.dna.affrc.go.jp) or SWISS-2DPAGE (http://kr.expasy.org/ch2d/make2ddb/).


Kajiwara, H., Nakane, K., Piyang, J., Imamaki, A., Ito, Y., Togasaki, F., … & Ishizaka, M. (2006). Draft of silkworm proteome database. Journal of Electrophoresis, 50(3/4), 39-41.