Welcome to help section of SeriPort

1. Introduction

SeriPort is a web portal developed at Bioengineering Research Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG), India. This portal mainly deals with the information on components of seri-ecosystem such as silkworm, host plants, pests, pathogens, etc. About 61 databases (DB) have been enlisted and made available, out of which 20 are silkworm DB, 23 are host plant DB, 01 is pest & pathogen DB and 17 are combined DB. These have been categorized based on the type of information they contain. It is expected that SeriPort will be extremely helpful to provide a common platform for the researchers working in seri-related fields to search their data of interest over internet quickly and accurately.

Home Page-min

Home page comprises of 4 modules-Silkworm Databases, Host plant Databases, Pest and Pathogen Databases and Combined Databases. Users can directly click on the databases and obtain the information on respective databases.

2. Search

“Search Content” option is provided to find any kind of database available according to the interest of the user. It can be found in any page of the website and can be searched as follows-

(i) Enter any keyword e.g. Silkworm, host plant, combined, pest and pathogen, WildSilkDB, SilkDB, MorusDB, MulSatDB, etc.  Click search button or press “Enter” to obtain results

Search Pg 1-min

(ii) The results for the entered keyword will be displayed as below-

Search Pg 2-min

A short description of the database will be displayed and there is a web link provided for the respective database which will lead to the main database as shown below.

Search Pg 3-min

3. Submit Data

Users can submit their data such as database title, link and a brief description of the same through ‘Submit Data’ option by filling up the form shown as below-

Submit Data-min

The data submitted will be verified by the web portal administrator before it is added to the SeriPort.

4. Download

A Download option has been provided at the bottom right side of the portal to retrieve following files-
(i) The genome, proteome and transcriptome information of the seri-resources mentioned in the SeriPort in an excel format.
(ii) The “Help” page for Seriport navigation and search in .pdf format.

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