BOLD: Barcode of Life Data System

BOLD is a well-developed barcode database which was created by the “Consortium for the Barcode of Life”. The main objectives of BOLD are to collect morphological, distribution and molecular data followed by its analysis and publication. It has four main sections including data portal, a database of barcode clusters, an educational portal and a data collection workbench. It acts as data retrieval web-interface that enables users to access data like specimen details, barcode sequences, trace files and primers. For further exploration of huge global barcode data, a portal named Barcode of Life Data Portal (BDP) was developed as an interactive web-interface among the researchers of DNA barcoding and biodiversity fields. It acts as a common platform to access data from BOLD as well as other public databases like NCBI GenBank.

For detailed information, please visit BOLD URL


Ref: Ratnasingham, S., & Hebert, P. D. (2007). BOLD: The Barcode of Life Data System (http://www. barcodinglife. org). Molecular ecology notes, 7(3), 355-364.